Why does ev’ryone look like… you know?

Uff. It’s finally here. My debut album. I’ve worked on it for more than a year; it was planned to be a second EP originally, but soon I understood: I want more. More context of meaning, more in-depth. Due to Corona it took a while longer, and recordings as well as many of the other steps involved were significantly harder to achieve through the restrictions.

Yet it is here now. Containing twelve songs, all of them pop in some way, and at the same time all so different and beautiful(ly riped). Together with many guest musicians, namely Sebastian Krichler alias November Me, Gläser, Atroxity from Norway, Jalfonze, Gloria Blau, Didi, Torsten Knoll, Herzkasperl alias Anja Monden, Thomas Leisner from famous Unpluggedival and Delicious Drums, and Rick and Mark with a sample from their trans-gender podcast ‘Transphilosophisch’. Aand a lot of other people behind the scenes, helping with logo, photographs, videos, mastering, song critique and general cheer-up business.

It’s modern and retro, and walks through Acoustic Pop, Folk, Funk, Soul, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Techno, Fusion Jazz, Nu Disco and Electro Pop. It’s an album about the ambiguity, the speed and the beauty of our modern lifes. It’s restless, harmonic and very much Me.

You’ll get the Limited Edition of the CD version very easily via Bandcamp, including digital downloads in many formats – or just the downloads, if you fancy 🙂 .

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