I’ve been mixed

Oh, it’s been a ride. And I haven’t really caught up with everything here on the website. Not everyone (and for good reasons) is on ‘the socials’ and following me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or is reading my newsletter (for which there are no good reasons not to do so). I once considered entering TikTok, made an account there, saw the sheer amount of senseless content and closed it down again (i.e. I am seriously getting old). So apologies if anyone prefers the good ol’ blog style and didn’t receive much needed updates on what was going on.

Keep on keeping up

Since the release of my first single Why Should I Run? off my then soon-to-come debut album in November 2020, thousands of people have listened to my singles, my album, my The City Has You Back EP, remixes and watched my music videos on YouTube, or watched my Erasure cover version. So much I-me-my, and it certainly was something I needed to get used to. And at the same time, I wasn’t always happy with the reception or pure numbers of plays, likes, clicks, you know it. It’s sad I feel I need validation through statistics, but that happens if music is often degraded to a product, with artists being labelled content creators. What made me happy were people giving honest feedback, love, and sometimes money via buying my album (hint, hint). And despite all the money, time and effort being spent, the overall journey was absolutely worth it for me.

Why Does Everybody Sound Like Me? – Remix album is out!

Can we let go? We probably could.

‘Ausfahrt’, as seen in the picture above, means ‘Exit’ in German, and so this is the last release for the whole era of my debut album. I’m happy, and a little relieved, to now begin new chapters in my musical work. (Which I, to be honest, already started scratching on, not the least with new remixes and projects as Sorry the Hedgehog, but also new music from e.no.)

Why Does Everybody Sound Like Me? is a fine collection of remixes of tracks from my debut album, including all remixes released so far, plus two new stunning ones by Atroxity and Part Time Alpaca. The variety of remixes is really beautiful, from Ambient, Deep House and Electronica over Breakbeat to Synthpop. Not included are the versions of The City Has You Back found on the EP with the same name.

As per usual, this album is available on all major streaming platforms, and of course Bandcamp where you can support me the most by buying it.

Good ol’ Newsletter

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