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Not everyone is frequenting Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on a regular basis. And rightly so – you deserve not to be bothered by the latest picture of your friends’ vegan morning porridge yoga retreat self-improvement meditation class. Or their dog’s.

But there were complaints that certain people demanded rapport of my musical (and other) doings, in an irregular, but entertaining way through the ancient medium that is a newsletter.

It’s here!

Fear not: If you hand in your name (so I can say ‘Hello, Klaus-Dieter!’) and an e-mail address in the form above, you’ll get an irregular, exquisite bouquet of what is going in the enoverse. And as demanded, not too very often (no more than once or twice a months).

The newsletter intends to inform you of new music, concerts (when they’re happening again), new projects, and even some unheard or early versions of songs in the nearer future. Just like a secret gateway to the enoverse. Come join me!

The fineprint

… is actually fine: I am only using your data to send you my newsletter. No SPAM, no sneaky data analysis, just that. And you can unsubscribe at any time. (Even though that will unfortunately impact your Karma.)

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That’s new: All the latest about, plus some exclusive goodies 🙂 .