We came to party

Seven days, in seven cities – if we were to inscribe into the phrase book for musicians or ‘doing-something-media’ kind of people, we’d probably start our report with those words. Followed up by picturesque descriptions of how wonderful and exciting the tour with November Me and e.no was, with all the mighty Instagram poetry and smoothness we could ever turn up.

The truth lies somewhere in between, that is. A lot of things were wonderful up to fantastic: Take our tour start in Rostock, where an overcrowded EinLaden72 and its lovely hosts Melli and Susi were waiting for us, cheering at almost every inch of our songs. And a wine bar in Bremen, where all participants, musicians as well as guests, where happy to see the only table constantly engaging in talking and finally ordering a taxi in the midst of a song, finally left. That was fun. And, mind us, we were fun :).

And with all sober-mindedness and down-to-earth attitude we could possibly pull out, we had to admit that not all event organisers and bar/location owners do pour out their hearts to welcome and present their musicians in the best possible manner. Especially concerning offering the right atmosphere and space. And, granted, not every place was waiting for us, or loved us after our concerts.

Though unspoiled the following: Our professionalised tour romance on long drives to new cities, at roadhouses, in front of bakeries, on empty streets in Emden at midnight, long talks between wittiness and reality, and our let’s-not-take-ourselves-too-seriousness, when we observe us – and others, think about ourselves or perform on stages. Our feeling, the intensity when we give all our pores could spill out emotionally, no matter if one person or a whole room is listening.

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