Release concert & my first tour

It’s always easy to say that: It’s going to be something special. No, it really is.

I have worked really hard for months for my debut EP release, apart from recording the actual music, and did many of the jobs myself. But also had a lot of help from friends that believe in me and my music. Which is kind of astonishing when you think of it – you’re doing something, making something, and others follow and support you.

Speaking of support, it’s only a few days until my EP release party is going to happen, on October 6 at Wildenbruch-Bar in Berlin. I haven’t practised as much in years in order to present the full EP (plus a few more) that night. And my friends Gloria Blau and November Me will be around to support me. And we’ll gonna do a few things we haven’t done before, so it’s no exaggeration to say that this night is going to be a special one, and not only for me if you join.

If you’re not from or in Berlin, you can also see me in other places, as I will be touring in October and November to bring my songs to new places.

Meanwhile, you’re welcome to buy or stream my EP, so you’ll get in the mood 🙂 .

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