Just for Funk!

Oh, sheesh, only a few months since the release of my first EP, and it already feels like ages that threw themselves around the globe. Barely there was any time in my life more exciting than the one that surrounded that release, full of work, experience and emotions of all sorts and altitude. But new plans didn’t take long to emerge on the horizon, while I took a moment to halt – oh, it’s over already!

In the meantime I wasn’t tiring myself and played a few extra concerts in Germany and Czechia, and locked the studio doors behind myself and November Me to work on his songs, plus cater two remixes on my own (which I’ll come back to later).

Now that spring is already audibly scratching on the surface, leaving its gentle marks of sun and warmth and unfurling greenery, it’s the best point in time to get ourselves out to affirm life once again. And for me to take the opportunity to dig out some gems out of my music collection and feast on a night full of funk, soul – and possibly brothers.

Easter Sunday, April 21st, the Wildenbruch-Bar and me are inviting you to the first edition of jυѕт ғor ғυnĸ!, a night full of grooves and beats, fusioning breakbeat with funk, soul, jazz, indie rock and hip hop. I’ll be lending your legs a wide selection of classic Big Beat up to very current Ghetto Funk tunes you won’t resist to dance to frenetically.

The night starts at 10 pm, almost-free entry for just one DJ Euro to be paid with your first drink.

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