“He would better fit into a barn”

I’m not quite daring to look at the kilometres I drove my not-so-young car through on my tour. Possibly something between 1.500 and 2.000, my car took me safely and without (audible) complaint through the north and home again.

Back in Berlin I was greeted with a grey and very autumnal city. After all, the whole week I was on the road was quietly to furiously rainy. On paper, this would be very depressing, but I was more than happy having the chance to spill out my voice onto so many stages at so different places and having made some new membranes and hearts oscillate in time with my songs. I had so many beautiful, surprising, strong and emotional moments and shook a multitude of hands, and had a lot of not-so-superficial talks about life and music, with intimate and new people, and hands down never felt lonely, despite being on the road alone.

I’m far from being a car maniac. I love to travel by bike, by train and enjoy running. So many kilometres on the road does mean uproar and tension for me – always careful not having my car break down. And following the idea behind my new gem “Heads up!” I wouldn’t want to persuade anyone that touring (only) means hovering honourably from one stage to another, with a constant stream of applause and fun. You’re never really long at one place, mostly don’t get to see the city you’re playing at. You’re passing through chains of road works driving seven hours to your next gig, and possibly arrive at a place you don’t receive the warm welcome you were hoping for as a small artist. Or see yourself faced with miserable technical conditions that no-one can actually operate. You’re getting last-minute cancellations, because your host just realised he couldn’t actually do the concert. Or you’re booking an AirBnB that is plain dirty and a horror, and receive your feedback in return: “The guest urinated into my room. He would be better suited in a barn.” 🌧

Lucky for me, I shared so many beautiful moments, so many enchanting hours with my and the music of others, got back so much energy and never got the feeling that I didn’t give it all I’ve got, or didn’t get to the core of people. That is a gift I am utterly thankful for, and I wouldn’t have dreamt of some time ago. I met so many exciting (and some weird/drunk) people, experienced new ideas and new ways of thinking and spent warm hours with friends. Back in my capital and with my family, I enjoyed a few days off-time and finally get back into new projects and recording my debut album. And just move along.

Danke, takk and thank you.

Yours sincerely,

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