My baby is out!

After months of preparation and a good year of planning and getting threads into needles, it is finally here: My first proper EP „I really, really like the light“, with six songs spanning over more than a decade and, I hope, a variety of sounds and moods. Out for streaming everywhere (including the usual suspects Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer and the likes), and ready to be bought in a special edition on Bandcamp with a bonus track included.

It wasn’t right the way that I was really sure of how to approach that EP thing. Originally I feared of bringing in too much variety – will the listener be able to form a picture of my music when I gave them a trip spanning from nearly-acoustic (as in Sail—Return) to dancefloor-ready breakbeat synth fest like (Do You Like) Space Travel? As I played mostly acoustically in the last two years, will the electronic part be acceptable? Will anyone like my sh*t?

Well, I don’t know, but I at some point knew I had to get it out, in the way it is most comfortable to me. And since I believe I belong to both sections of music, the hand-made, crafted acoustic part and the more conceptual electronic realm, I didn’t have any objections anymore to bring up a broader spectrum.

Now it’s finally there, for the world to hear, and for me to say Bye-Bye in a way you send out a child into the world when it’s fully grown. You’ll keep in touch, you’ll stay connected, but it needs its own way now.

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