Back from a journey

When I re-started my musical efforts, back roughly two years ago, I honestly didn’t know where it would take me. And I still don’t, every step feels like a new surprise.

The last few months were a mass of things of do, a long, ever-refilling list of work that needed to be done in order to have my first EP out there. From writing, recording, arranging and producing the songs over creating the artwork, organising mastering and pressing, booking a tour to doing a bit of promo, it lay all in my very own hands. And while saying that, it would have been impossible to do it all on my own. A lot of people where there (and still are) to support me and my first release. It was heart-embracing to see how many people were willing to help, and believed in the idea.

I heard a lot of people say that releasing something (a single, an EP, an album) is like letting your kid out into the world, and in some way you disconnect from it and watch it from a distance afterwards. I dearly waited for such a moment, and it is in fact a bit like that – it’s not sitting on your computer or phone alone anymore, just known and audible to yourself, but out in the world, and anyone from anywhere can access it, listen to it and have his or her very own thoughts and experience about it. Like it or trash it. Yet still, music is something quite personal, so I didn’t get to the point where I fully disconnected, pulled the plug from it. You somehow learn that not everybody is as excited and emotional about it as you or your dearest fans, but that’s another story then.

I still believe that this EP belongs to me. And having toured on my own, playing concerts and presenting what I worked on (and not only as a squeezed-in support act) and what constitutes me and my music, it was an invaluable path I walked on. After an overwhelming release concert at Wildenbruch Bar on October 6, the tour already could hardly get better. And in some parts it didn’t; me and a friend played in front of only a few people at one place where no-one seemed to be interested in us or music at all, and got the appropriate almost-zero response we’re all craving for when we eagerly book concerts and practice endlessly for that. But when you have that evening when you expect absolutely nothing and no-one to listen, because of the setting, and then so much love and excitement comes fed back, and people come around to tell you they had goosebumps because of that song. It all makes sense then.

Thank you everyone who took part in the journey, both the release and the (first) tour. I am absolutely grateful being able to make and show my music to the world. Now it’s gonna be a few gigs in November, and a lot more work on my next record as well as on other people’s songs and projects, including my secret-not-so-secret lover buddy November Me.

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